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The cheapest hosting provider not surprisingly buy cheap server hardware, don't have the staff to maintain equipment and don't have the resources to offer you a quality network.

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You spend a lot of time designing your website, creating valuable content for your visitors and selling your products. If people can't even access your site, what's the point of all your hard work? In both the short and long run, you're more than likely going to end up losing money dealing with your cheap hosting. Don't waste your time on those hosts.

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Best of all you'll have peace of mind knowing your site will be up and running when your visitors want to see it! If you have a cheap, slow host, the reality is your web site is going to load slowly. Page load speeds impact everything from your bounce rate, conversion rate, SEO rankings, visitor satisfaction and so much more. It's hard to think of something more frustrating than sitting and waiting for a slow website to load. Unfortunately your visitors aren't going to wait for your site to load.

They're just going to get their information or products from one of your competitors. Slow hosts generally use cheap hardware and don't have enough bandwidth across the server.

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You'll also discover those hosts are able to charge such low rates because they load their servers with too many other customers so they can charge their ultra low rates. You and your site deserve more. At A2 Hosting, we understand the importance of a fast loading site. That's why our slogan is "Our Speed, Your Success.

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Your site comes hosted on our SwiftServer platform, a product of over 10 years of tweaks and optimizations to get the fastest performance. Looking for even faster page load speeds? You also get the option to host on our up to 20X faster Turbo Servers. You should expect nothing less than top notch security from your hosting provider.

It can cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars to fix a hacked site. If your host cuts corners and doesn't offer security features like a firewall, it's time for you to quickly find a new host. You're not just putting your own data and money at risk, you're putting your visitors and your customers information at risk.

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You can even lose your reputation with Google for having an insecure, hacked site. At A2 Hosting, you get the benefit of Perpetual Security! Promotional terms and conditions apply. With the quality level of services available from A2 Hosting including real support, solid state drive costs, the cost for software licenses, security and server maintenance, we are unable to maintain these introductory prices after your first billing cycle is complete.

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  4. We have a blazing fast web hosting solution perfect for you! Not ready to choose A2 Hosting yet? Click a host below to see a head-to-head comparison and why A2 Hosting is better! I had a problem with my gallery when I started and they were very fast at at recommending the needed changes to apply. My site worked perfectly after that. Read A2 Hosting Reviews. Web development tips, marketing strategies and A2 Hosting news sent to your inbox.

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    This is something that you need today if you really wants your website to be noticed by Google and achieve higher rankings in major search engines. Many other hosting providers charge extra for providing SSL certificates to your website but A2 Hosting offers it free of cost with all of their plans even if you choose the cheapest one. What happens when you have a lot of traffic on your website and it suddenly gets down for a few minutes due to your web server maintenance? A2 hosting offers Cheap WordPress Hosting He does record video tutorials for better explanations of his articles with visualization.

    Hope the above article is helpful for you. Do not skip other posts. Good Luck! Check this Facebook Poll result about A2 Hosting I started a poll on facebook regarding A2 Hosting and you can see how people rated it as the better web hosting provider. The poll was started in May and more than 92 people love A2 Hosting the most.


    So, you are looking for A2 Hosting Coupon code to save some bucks. Why Not!!! Overall 4. Customer support is really impressive as they reply to your queries within an hour. Speed is fast as compared to other hosting providers. Pay as you go plan is also available.

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