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What date did your package arrive in the US? Can you look up your tracking number in the USPS. All live auctions at our Atlanta Mail Recovery Center have been canceled. We usually ship with USPS, but you will be notified if otherwise shipped via the tracking number link provided. Tracking will not tell you if it has been seized, but you would get a letter from customs stating that your package contained illegal items, was seized, but all other legal items were returned to the package.

With USPS Package Intercept, you can request a mailpiece be returned or redirected before final delivery is made to the original address. The tracking number definitely wouldn't show a delivery. See full list of portal services available. While there are many reasons why someone may ship currency from one place to another in an insured parcel, law enforcement narrowly believes the only people who do that are criminals.

I just had a letter "seized by law enforcement" in the tracking info on usps website. She had been following the package tracking it on USPS. I got in contact with the company that shipped it and they said it probably was seized and I should receive a seize letter in 2 months or so but they don't really know what happened to the package either.

Before you begin the Missing Mail Search, check your tracking number.

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On Tuesday the 14th, the last entry was made in the online tracking. Got looped back to Colorado where it was seized. Insufficient controls over handling and tracking packages suspected of containing marijuana from initial retrieval from the mail to final disposition increases the risk these packages could be lost, stolen, mishandled, or undetected. Lots of times if you drop off a package with a pre-printed label, they don't bother to scan it there- the first time it gets scanned might be at the destination.

Trackingmore provides explanations for different tracking statuses, glossaries in express industry and suggestions on what to do when there is an exception regarding of your packages. Extra Services It almost always says that right up until it gets delivered to my door. I received mine in CA a week ago. Narcs Look For If this is your first visit, be sure to register so that you can join in the discussion: click the register link above to proceed.

When mine got sized it said 12 days and still in NY. It was a clandestine gift for her mom for Christmas.

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Inside found letter from customs that items were taken out and seized. On the off chance that Parcel Monitor is giving the travel announcements on one page with only a single tick, then why meander other tracking websites? Parcel Monitor is the one-stage answer for all the tracking data you require for India Post shipments. As the title suggested, the post is a guide on how to legally accept any drug package even if it is compromised or contains a large amount of illegal drugs. Also, to keep your future shipments and orders organized, consider using order-tracking management software with a customs template for international packages.

Tracking with usps on international packages has been hit or miss for me. It was for lamisil Terbinafine 60 Tablets. To my surprise, the customer emailed me letting me know that the package was seized by law enforcement and she didn't know what that meant.

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We only ship retail within the U. If not, not. How do you know if a package has been seized by USPS for drugs? Depending on how you sent it there should have been a tracking number on the package or on the receipt that was given to you What happens when your package is seized by Customs by Chesty View and discuss the latest research articles and FAQ's as well as numerous Detailed Drug Profiles Want More? Wholesale will be considered for international orders on a case by case basis.

On Thursday a sorting facility called in the next county over asking permission to open the package for inspection, as it was xrayed and "red flagged" Here is a great post from the Agora forums posted back in Feb by DrMDA. Sections - 1. You must reply YES to the confirmation message to begin receiving tracking updates about your package. The U. When customers go to usps.

Postal Inspection Service is the federal law enforcement, crime prevention, and security arm of the U. If it was seized there would be no package at all. More than 95 percent of this mail was accepted by the U. If your package got seized then usps would never have said delivery conformation, it would have never made it to usps it would have said something like turned over to customs and you would have been notified by letter that it was seized.

The package left Hawaii. Postal Service because We protect you and your mail. They are called Postal Inspectors. Lawyer's Assistant: What steps have they taken so far? Just a message on the USPS tracking that said seized by law enforcement. It will probably arrive in a few days. Com and usps. It has no other tracking update other than leaving that state, I would guess it would update tracking at least once locally before being confiscated. Welcome to USPS. It would have agency letterhead and contact information. I wouldn't freak out about it. So those are gone right? There's no way ill get that right?

I really really needed that medication and i don't know what to do. Lawyer's Assistant: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you? No I think that's it What should i do about my package being seized by law enforcement?? My friend shipped a package using USPS and while tracking it online he said that it said it was seized by the law enforcement. The courier should have a record of your package's status and its current location.

Re: usps. Also, the USPS tracking system is probably bogged down with the holidays. Shipment movement information is captured each time a tracking label is scanned in the UPS delivery system. I ordered 7 pieces of different software and the package was sent via EMS. About million pieces of international mail entered the U. When a package is in transit with USPS, it means that the delivery is currently traveling through the postal transportation network.

USPS Package Intercept service allows customers to request to have a mailpiece that they have sent through the Postal Service intercepted prior to delivery. The USPS logs all of those requests to view the status of the package, you know. It was tracked and nothing seemed out of place as customs kept it only 1day. I double checked my label and the customer address and they are identical. My obligation will end once proof of shipment is provided, no inspection period granted, knife sold "as-is" 4. What does "Received By Agent" mean?

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