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To many, this is simply a PR stunt to keep up with the competition. Once again, military people are getting used and abused. Hi, Brock. To top it off, after the filling meal, my dessert came out slightly frozen, so they let me take it home and offered me another one to eat there. The only I. I had was the DD and I think they probably would have believed me without showing it.

Local Veterans Day Deals for Veterans

Try a better restaurant next year. Hope everyone had a happy Veterans Day. If you or someone you know might be interested, go to General Motors GM Military Discount Program for more details on the program and savings. Is there a way to get submitted to this list for next veterans day? I know so many businesses that would love to offer discounts to veterans.

Hope you have a great Veterans Day. I hope that the U. Legislators who were against us getting equal treatment were voted OUT. Presently only people who worked around the base perimeter are able to get benefits. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to let vets have a day of anything free. Thank you for your log on page. From One Vet to another, thank you.

You have no idea how this helps some vets. Peggy Barnett U. We stopped in a in Oregon for the free slurpee one veteran — one active duty, both with ID. We were turned away and told NO in our area is paricipating.

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For 30 years I did get a free meal and ate with some of the best military folks in the world, Army, Air force, and Marines. I pray that all veterans are well and with some one you care for.

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Please remember the veterans that are homeless. Do what you can.

Free car wash for veterans and active duty military on Veterans Day

If you really want to do something tangible for veterans forget the hamburgers and bumper stickers. Go to meetings that politicians hold when they are campaigning for office and demand that they support adequate funding for the Veterans Administration. Get educated about this and make them be specific. Get loud. Tell the politicians you want to pay higher federal taxes for educational and medical programs for veterans. Greetings and blessings to all present and former military from a Desert Storm veteran: I just wanted to confirm what Brock Price said. I tried about five last year and only one participated and three this year and none participated!

I personally will never go to them again during Veterans Day or possibly never period. I felt very disappointed and used. The corporate office makes a large donation to military charities as their way of supporting the military community. First off, Happy Veterans Day to everyone and thank you for your service and sacrifices. They ask for an ID because any Joe blow could walk in with a fake dd and get a free meal.

No one questions it and it is just as accepted as a va ID. Olive garden in Norman is up there with the top in Norman for veteran appreciation. Headed there today. Also remember to tip your servers fairly! Thanks for your comment, Scott! Most are franchises, and some offer a meal or discount, and some do not. But there are many wonderful alternatives. Thanks for your service! Thanks for the list, Ryan! Good to see more and more companies offering up free meals and discounts to those that fought for our freedom.

I so dislike veterans and soldiers that are trying to use a day of remembering and honor, to try to cop a free meal. You should be ashamed.

9 Freebies Tonight For Veterans

Flora, I understand your point of view. To all the veterans-Thank you for your service. I had lost my DD in a fire many years ago. The VA sends me letters all the time about my current and potential other benefits. I totally agree with Sgt. We are not owed anything by any business and to feel that way demeans our service. I am thankful that many businesses support us for the service we provided to our country, but to expect something other than a thank you demonstrates an attitude problem. Thanks to you Ryan for the exceptional service you provide both our country and those of us who have served.

All the upset at subway and I gotta show some love to my local subway. My wife works at the walmart in town and subway is right inside. Autzen's darkest day. The oldest House in Eugene, older than Oregon. Local citizen: Zeus. Who is hiring? September Visiting or Moving to Eugene?

Eugene activities thread. Valid answer to: " Why so many homeless in Eugene? Areas of Eugene. Crowd Sourced Float Map. Everyone Hates Comcast. Today's Veterans Day and here is a list of discounts and freebies in our area. So these are some of the deals in the Eugene and Springfield area. Keep in mind you may need to provide some sort of proof of your status. Of course, a DD or DD does the trick also. Provide proof of service required. Must have valid identification.

Want More Military Discounts?

Red Lobster To thank Veterans, active duty military and reservists, Red Lobster will offer a free appetizer or dessert from their select Veterans Day menu. To receive offer, show a valid military ID on Saturday, November 11th. Starbucks On Veterans Day, active duty service members, reservists, veterans and military spouses are invited to enjoy a free Tall Brewed Coffee. Texas Roadhouse On Saturday November 11th, select from a free special veterans lunch menu including a beverage and sides. Veterans can also visit any U. Great Clips salon on November 11 to get either a free haircut that day or to pick up a free haircut card to use later.

Haircuts are redeemable until Dec. Register for your discount. Must present a Walgreens Rewards card and valid Military ID or proof of service to receive discount on eligible items. Feel free to add the ones that I missed as I know this isn't a complete list of deals in our area.

veterans day freebies portland oregon Veterans day freebies portland oregon
veterans day freebies portland oregon Veterans day freebies portland oregon
veterans day freebies portland oregon Veterans day freebies portland oregon
veterans day freebies portland oregon Veterans day freebies portland oregon
veterans day freebies portland oregon Veterans day freebies portland oregon
veterans day freebies portland oregon Veterans day freebies portland oregon
veterans day freebies portland oregon Veterans day freebies portland oregon

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